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Ways you can help Hitchin Band raise funds

Like many organisations, Hitchin Band is self financing and need funds just to stay still. The band needs funds for hiring our rehearsal venue, going to contests, new music and new or replacement instruments.
You can see some of the costs involved here.

Shop on-line and raise funds for Hitchin Band with no extra cost to your shopping bill!

Each time you shop through any link on this page (all open in a new window), or through one of the webshops listed below, the band gets a commission based on the amount you spend - which could be anything up to 15%!

Many large name retailers are listed including Amazon, Tesco (not groceries), Play.com, HMV, M&S and Waterstones to name a few.

We've made a list of frequently asked questions if you want to know more.

Try them - you've nothing to lose and we've everything to gain!

Hitchin Band Easy Fundraising requires you to register (for free) to use them but with around 400 shops.
If you can't find what you want here then we're very sorry!

Hitchin Band Easy Fundraising

We would welcome your feedback on any aspect of using these sites.
Please contact us at Hitchin Band - Online Shopping

Are you interested in sponsoring the band or want further information on helping us raise funds?

If so, contact us either through our contact form,
by e-mailing the band at Hitchin Band

So how much does it cost to run a band?

Examples of costs associated with banding:

  • New Music - each piece averages over £20
  • Contest entry fees which tend to be over £50 per contest
  • Travel involved for contests away from the Hertfordshire area - £450 or more per day
  • New instruments - these vary from approx. 500 upwards for a cornet to £5000 and upwards for a Bass (or Tuba)
  • Concert hall hire for our own concerts (which comes out of the ticket sales) £275
  • Band insurance - over £500 per year

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See our patrons page for another way of supporting the band.

Page updated June 2009