Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use your links?
Because you help to fund a good cause - Hitchin Band! There is no extra cost to you as we get the commission money from the retailer's marketing budget, which would go elsewhere if we didn't get it.
In addition, you can find money off and special offer vouchers you would not find elsewhere.

How much commission does Hitchin Band get?
This varies for each retailer and in some cases (like Amazon) depends on the actual product you buy. Each of our webshops list the amount we get against each retailer - so it's completely transparent. In fact, you may decide to use a different shop just to get us more money!

Where does the commission come from?
Out of the retailer's own marketing budget - definitely not your pocket (or credit card!)

Can I use vouchers and special offer codes if I go through the band web site?
Yes - there is no difference in what you do or use when you get to the retailer's site. Remember - the webshops sometimes list vouchers and offers which do not appear anywhere else.

Can you see what I've been buying?
No - we get no information about your transactions.

I can't find what I'm looking for
Each webshop has a search facility making finding the shop or item you want very easy!

I'm looking for special offers.
Each of the webshops has special offers so it makes sense to check them out through our site regularly.

Who is my shopping contract with?
Your contract is with the retailer as normal - we just get a commission for directing you to their site.

I have a dispute about my goods/order.
You should contact the retailer directly as normal. Your contract is still with them.

Does it work if I already have an account with a retailer?
As long as you use the links on our site or webshop to access the retailer's site your donation will still be paid.

The retailer I want to purchase from is not listed
Please let us know and we'll ask the webshops if they can get the retailer added.